HTML5 Arcade Creation

We have tried impactjs and Construct 2 in making these games. Pinball and Motorcycle Flyer were made with Construct where The Never Die Running Guy was created using impactjs.

Impact.js -- I like the fact that impactjs lets you work in the browser for everything. It is a little more complicated when getting to things like using Box2d. The javascript is well done and if you like javascript, you will have fun with this.

Construct 2 -- Construct has the advantage of everything you need being packaged into their installed tool. Box2d is a matter of changing a property of an object to implement. The IDE is so well done, you really don't need javascript. It is pretty amazing.

Motor Cycle

Motor Cycle Flyer

Race your dirt bike in the hills! Ride to the end over hills and gulleys. Jump and balance as you control your speed....
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The Never Di

The Never Die Running Guy

Guide the running guy to safety. Run, jump and time your way to the end of this fast paced running platformer game. Have no fear, the r...
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Dark Space W

Dark Space Warped Pinball

Help Darkspace get warped! Play pinball in a way that is truly warped....
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